Mum's ARC

Homeopathy for pregnancy, mum's and babies

The ARC has been crteated by Nick Cripps and Jayne Bateman, two experienced Homeopaths working in Cheddar.


At “The ARC” we pay special attention to the role of mum's.  The mother is often the first line of defence in every child's health, and often a robust immunity comes from successful breast feeding over many months.  When it comes to our children's health, well-being and immunity mum is hugely influential.


Homeopathy is known to be a safe, gentle and effective treatment for people of all ages, and homeopathic remedies can be prescribed for a whole range of symptoms without a specific illness or syndrome being diagnosed.


In all stages of a women's life, starting at puberty, though pregnancy and birth, and on to the menopause, there is a need for gentle support.  From PMS, to pregnancy and labour, breast feeding and bonding with the baby, anxiety over motherhood and post-natal depression, and with the period of fertility ceasing at the menopause, Homeopathic treatment can be an invaluable and constant and source of help.


     "I believe in homeopathy, . . .  it treats the whole body both emotionally and physically.   When I found Nick and Jayne I began to believe that there was hope after all"




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Mum's Arc